Name: Reid and Kim Crow
Passion: End Human Trafficking
Country: Jamaica
Region: Caribbean

The Crows are serving the Lord in Kingston.

The Crows were married in 1983 and have two adult sons Jesse, who has a bachelor’s degree in criminal justice, is married, and serves in the Air Force Reserves; and Jacob, who is in the Marine Corps, and looks to pursue aeronautical engineering.

To be a ‘ligament and a tendon’ unto the Jamaica Foursquare Gospel Church.  The Crows will be helping the national church to make connections – with the lost, within the local and national body, and within the international body.  They are going to Jamaica to help strengthen the Jamaica Foursquare Gospel Church so it can fulfill the vision God has given unto the church and to further God’s Kingdom in Jamaica, the Caribbean and beyond.

Reid and Kim will assist the Jamaican national church in teaching, discipleship and reaching out to communities that have no Foursquare churches while strengthening established churches. They will also assist in re-establishing and developing the Bible college and help in facilitating teams to strengthen the Jamaican national church.

Reid, October 3
Kim, January 28

: August 26

Current Prayer Requests
1. For God’s perfect timing for deployment

  1. For God’s abundant financial blessings

  2. For God and man’s favor in the sale of our house

  3. For God’s peace that passes our understanding

  4. For our cultural assimilation into the nation of Jamaica – so the Jamaicans will call us “Jamericans.”

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